Stone Barns Premium Compost

At Stone Barns Center, our own premium compost is the primary amendment used on our soils. It is an essential ingredient in the growing of all of our delicious vegetables and maintains the health of our greenhouse and outdoor gardens.

Benefits of using Stone Barns premium compost

The nutrients in Stone Barns premium compost feed your plants and restore your soil. Healthier soil means healthier plants, which resist disease. Using Stone Barns premium compost is taking one step to a healthier environment for you and your family.

At Stone Barns, our small-batch production process emphasizes quality assurance. When you choose Stone Barns premium compost, you can be certain that we know the origins of all of our compostable materials. Unlike commercial petroleum- and salt-based fertilizers, which damage the structure of your soil by removing the beneficial biology that plants need to flourish and require continuous application to the soil, Stone Barns premium compost naturally improves the quality of your soil after just one use.

What materials go into Stone Barns compost?
Stone Barns premium compost is made from carefully selected materials from our small farming community in the heart of Westchester County. These include bedding manures from sheep, pigs, cows and horses, as well as leaves and grass clippings.

How Stone Barns compost is made
Our compost process is modeled on the Luebke method of composting, which began in Austria. This method is based on timing and temperature to ensure an optimal environment for the beneficial microbiology in the compost to thrive. Compost made in this manner neutralizes weed seed and plant pathogens, giving you a clean, high quality product that maximizes end results.

Using Stone Barns compost at home

Stone Barns premium compost products are versatile and have many uses, including:

Soil Amendment. Apply 1/4 inch of Stone Barns Garden Primer to a planting bed after turning over the soil, then lightly incorporate the compost into the soil. The diverse microbiology in Stone Barns compost will integrate with the soil to build a bank of strong biology reserves for your plants to feed off of as they grow.

Lawn Enhancer. Apply Stone Barns Garden Primer to your lawn as a natural alternative to commercial lawn products.

Transplanting trees and shrubs. When transplanted, setting plants will endure some shock due to the interruption of root growth during transplanting. Blending Stone Barns Humified Mulch with the soil helps to ease the transition of a plant settling into its new home.

Bring Stone Barns Compost to your garden or business
32-qt bags areavailable in the Farm Store, Wednesday - Sunday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

For bulk orders of premium compost (a minimum of 10 yards) Please contact Shannon Rooney at or 914 366 6200 x117 for more information about pricing and purchase.