Blooming Farm Business

With spring turning into summer, green plant growth is now being punctuated with bursts of color—flowers are blooming all around the Center.

Growing flowers on the farm is an important measure for creating a diverse, healthy ecosystem. Not only do they impart beauty, flowering plants attract friendly pollinators and beneficial insects, make good planting companions for vegetables and herbs, and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Shannon Algiere, the Center’s Flower and Herb Manager/ Terrace Coordinator, grows and forages a diverse collection of flowers, herbs and grasses within the farmscape and woodlands. With the help of her seasonal farm apprentices, she uses these materials to create fresh, seasonal bouquets and arrangements.   

Two acres of field and greenhouse space are dedicated to cut flower production, where farmers are consistently experimenting with new and heirloom varietal selections and trials based on beauty, productivity, vase life and garden performance.

This year, Shannon and her team are offering their farm-fresh bouquet and arrangement services to the community. Flower orders for events or special occasions can now be made for on-site pick-up. For more information, please email

Bouquets are also available at the Farm Store Wednesday through Sunday from 10 AM - 6PM, and at our Sunday Farm Market from 10 AM – 4 PM.

Whether on a farm stroll, at your kitchen table, or at a special event be sure to stop and smell the flowers this season, knowing that they do their part to foster a healthy and diverse farm and ecosystem.