Newest Additions to the Farm: 2013 Lambs

Monday, March 18, we welcomed the very first of this season's lambs. Finn-Dorset sheep are known for having multiple lambs so the barnyard is filling up with sets of twins and even triplets.

These newest additions to the farm certainly do mark the changing of the seasons. They also coincide with the welcome of some other new members of the farm community--the 2013 livestock apprentices. These apprentices are diving right into their training, learning the ins and outs of lambing, and making sure the ewes, their lambs and the rest of the flock are healthy.

As these photos show, apprentices weigh the lambs, record their birth data, bottle feed them if they aren't getting enough milk from their mothers, and tag their ears.

What are the ear tags for? Ear tags help our farmers assess the flock quickly. This way, they know who's who and can better observe behavior and health and patterns. Here's how the tags work:

  • Male lambs get tags in their right ears (right for ram), and girls receive tags in their left.
  • A lamb born a triplet or quadruplet gets a fuchsia tag. Twins get a green tag. Singles get an orange tag.
  • The numbers indicate the year (13) and the the birth order of the lamb in the season. So, the seventh lamb born has a tag that reads 1307.


Enjoy the slideshow and come visit the lambs!

Interested in learning more about our sheep? This month, join us for Meet the Sheep, a free weekend progam dedicated to the flock. Get the details and register, here.